For over forty years, Terry Stokes has practiced hypnosis as a therapist, lecturer, teacher and stage performer. During this time, he has successfully assisted thousands of people in their quest for self-improvement in such areas as health, weight, sports, education and success. Terry still enjoys presenting his hypnosis show for entertainment, which he does for over 1 million people each year throughout North America.

It is probably through this medium that he gains the most satisfaction.

Terry has been a Las Vegas headliner with his show “Hypnosis Unleashed” at The Stardust and The Tropicana and for the past year at Planet Hollywood.

In addition to headlining in Las Vegas, Terry continues to perform at such venues as The Calgary Stampede and various state fairs throughout the country. Terry’s list of credits, accomplishments and accolades are far too numerous to list here…suffice it to say, his 42 year career is unmatched by anyone in the profession.

…”In the style of Terry Stokes…”

…”inspired by Terry Stokes…”

…”trained by Terry Stokes…”

Terry Stokes, the standard by which all others are judged.

Terry Stokes, today’s stage hypnosis, since 1970.

Considered the top in his profession, Terry has stayed on the cutting edge since he first took to the stage in 1970. While always changing, updating, and keeping material fresh and topical…some things have not changed. ..You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, feel it in his presence. …love… his love of his craft, the stage, and the audience. Others can learn, can imitate, and try…but they’ll never learn how it feels. Its that Terry Stokes feeling that keeps fans coming back time after time year after year never to be disappointed.

After 15 years headlining on Las Vegas Strip, Terry heard the road calling and now returns to his roots and his passion…bringing his award winning comedy hypnosis to comedy clubs, fairs, festivals, casinos, colleges, and resorts world-wide.

Don’t just book it. Give them the best.